Introducing the AMP Conference: Where Academia Meets Practice

At DCE Productions, we’re passionate about turning event concepts into reality. Our most recent turnkey event, The AMP Conference, was a truly special collaboration between DCE Productions and The University of South Florida (USF) Muma College of Business Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. We’re thrilled to share this success story with you, showcasing our commitment to crafting memorable events. 

From Concept to Reality

The AMP Conference is a vibrant event that bridged the gap between practitioners and academics. Our role was pivotal in bringing USF DBA programs vision to life. DCE Productions played a key part in shaping the event’s identity, from creating a distinctive brand to designing a captivating social media, email campaigns and website. Additionally, we worked diligently to secure sponsorships, ensuring that the event had the necessary support to flourish. We also ensured a seamless and top-notch event experience for both online and in-person attendees through our hybrid event production services.

Flawless execution

Our secret to success lies in our meticulous approach. We seamlessly integrated with the USF DBA team, offering unwavering support from the initial brainstorming to the seamless execution of the event. Our team’s attention to detail was unmatched, ensuring that no aspect was overlooked.

By entrusting us with their event needs, the USF DBA team was free to focus on their strengths – fostering collaboration and meaningful connections. This collaboration proved to be a recipe for sponsorship success. We provided various sponsorship options, and with the assistance of the USF DBA team, we successfully secured valuable sponsorship agreements. Our expertise and industry knowledge allowed us to manage every facet of the event, delivering a flawless experience.

Fostering Connections

The AMP Conference was born from a shared vision of bridging the gap between academia and practical application. Our partnership with the USF DBA program was a natural fit, as we took the time to understand their objectives and requirements fully.

Over the course of a year, we became an integral part of the USF DBA team, offering comprehensive event management services. We started by immersing ourselves in the details and expectations through monthly calls, leading to the creation of a name, theme, branding, and marketing goals. From there, our team’s creativity shone through, as we crafted the brand identity, including color schemes, tone of voice, and a mission statement.

Going the Extra Mile

When it came to event management, our dedicated team at DCE Productions went above and beyond. We handled everything, from creating compelling presentations to orchestrating social media and marketing campaigns, managing sponsor activations, nurturing vendor relationships, and overseeing speaker management.

Dedicated support for every task. On the event day, there were a lot of moving parts. Whether it was managing volunteers, coordinating speakers, or any ask. Our team made sure no question was left unanswered.
Chris Taylor welcoming John Couris to The AMP Conference

Streamlining First Impressions

Our team knows first impressions are crucial, that is why we have made it a top priority to perfect our registration process. Attendees of The AMP Conference attendees were greeted with a smile and prompted to type their name in an iPad to print their badge. Making our registration a fast and easy solution. On an occasion that a problem arises we have a help desk team onsite to eliminate any unforeseen issues, ensuring every first impression is a good impression.

Your Event Success Starts Here

If you’re approaching an event and feel uncertain about where to start, DCE Productions is here to assist you. Our turnkey event production services, like “The AMP Conference,” are tailored to seamlessly integrate with your team and turn your event vision into reality. With our support, you can rest assured that every aspect of your event, from strategic planning to flawless execution, is in the hands of experts.

DCE Productions becomes an extension of your team, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure your event’s success. From event management to video production, live event production, virtual event production, and hybrid event production, we’ve got every detail covered.

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