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DCE Productions is your go-to for creative, message-driven video production that is engaging and impactful. Our experience has led us to understand the right questions to ask our clients so that we create video products that elevate your event, add immediate value, and stay with your audience.

Tampa General Hospital " I was the Graphic Recording Artist last night for TGH. The camera guy I worked with all night was fantastic. I really liked him and felt he did a great job. Nice guy! Cant' recall his name, but he was young, thin, and has lots of hair. LOL. See, I'm an artist!
Tampa General Hospital
May 5, 2021

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Our Video Products

There is a wide variety of video products that can improve your event attendees’ experience. We specialize in creating the following types of videos:

  • Customer / attendee testimonial videos
  • High-impact openers for virtual and place-based conferences
  • Award video packages
  • Training videos
  • Highlight / event recap videos
  • Keynote and Breakout Session Archives