Revolutionizing Events with AGITO: Cutting-Edge Motion Control Technology | DCE Productions

At DCE Productions, our pursuit of cutting-edge technology drives us to redefine event production and video production. We’re committed to innovation, consistently seeking ways to engage both virtual and in-person attendees. Today, we’re excited to share a new tool in our belt. A complete game-changer: the Agito from Motion Impossible. We are revolutionizing event videos with this premium modular robotic camera dolly.

AGITO Robotic Camera Dolly in Action
Bridging the Gap and Immersing Virtual Attendees:

Virtual events have become increasingly popular, allowing participants from around the world to connect and engage with content from the comfort of their homes. Yet, immersing virtual attendees in the event experience remained a challenge—until now. Enter the Agito.

With its state-of-the-art technology, the Agito effortlessly glides across the ballroom, always following the action. This means that virtual attendees can now have a front-row seat, feeling as if they are physically present and fully immersed in the conference. By bridging the gap between virtual and in-person attendees, the Agito creates a seamless experience. This synergy between virtual and in-person experiences sets DCE Productions apart. Showcasing innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

Engaging the Virtual Audience

We recognize the importance of engaging all attendees. The Agito transforms virtual engagement, imagine a virtual attendee being able to follow keynote speakers or explore exhibition halls from their own personal screens. The possibilities are limitless.

By combining our expertise in event production with the innovative capabilities of the Agito, we can ensure that virtual attendees have an interactive and dynamic experience, just like their in-person counterparts. The Agito’s ability to capture breathtaking footage in real-time allows us to create captivating content that can be repurposed for a recap or hype video, further extending the reach and impact of the event. 

Going Beyond Expectations:

At DCE Productions, we are passionate about going above and beyond to deliver memorable event experiences. The Agito exemplifies our commitment to elevating our clients’ events and exceeding their expectations. Embracing innovation and cutting-edge technology allows us to provide game-changing solutions.

When you choose DCE Productions, you gain a collaborative partner dedicated to understanding your objectives and leveraging technology for dynamic live, virtual, or hybrid events. We offer white-glove service, going the extra mile to ensure your event’s success.

Contact DCE Productions today and discover how the Agito, alongside our innovative digital solutions, can transform your next event into an unforgettable experience. Together, let’s take your event to new heights.