First Tee's largest charity event, produced By DCE Productions

DCE Showflow: First Tee Tampa Bay

Check out this episode of Showflow to hear how increasing their production with DCE has helped grow First Tee's Mission.

When it comes to empowering and inspiring the youth of Tampa Bay, First Tee stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. Each year, they organize the largest single fundraiser in their network, providing them with the means to create an even greater impact on the lives of children in the community. As a significant part of their success, First Tee credits the valuable services provided by DCE, enabling them to expand their outreach and support.

From #placebasedevents to #videoproduction: A Transformative Partnership

What began as a partnership focused on place based events has evolved over the years into something truly extraordinary. As DCE joined hands with First Tee five years ago, little did they know that this collaboration would blossom into a multifaceted relationship that includes more tailored services like video production. The journey has been nothing short of remarkable, witnessing the growth of the annual event and the profound impact it has had on the lives of children in the Tampa Bay community.

Fostering Community Growth and Empowerment

First Tee’s commitment to nurturing young minds and empowering them with essential life skills has been unwavering. Their annual fundraiser, made possible by the generous support of individuals and organizations, has become a cornerstone for their initiatives. It has not only provided the necessary resources but also helped raise awareness about the organization’s mission.

Filming of the First Tee showflow video
The Role of DCE: A Crucial Enabler

At the heart of this inspiring journey lies the collaboration with DCE.  Playing a role in amplifying First Tee’s message and impact. With DCE’s specialized services, the organization has been able to reach more people, engage a wider audience, and garner increased support for their cause. The power of visual storytelling has enabled First Tee to showcase the transformative experiences of the children they serve, leaving a lasting impression on the community.

Showflow: A Window Into First Tee's Success

To gain deeper insights into the impact of DCE’s contributions, tune in to the latest episode of Showflow. In this episode, you will hear firsthand accounts of how First Tee’s mission has grown, thanks to the collaboration with DCE. From heartwarming stories to inspiring moments.