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Video Production

High Impact Video Production

What is a Virtual Event?

DCE Productions produces videos that fully engage an audience while clearly conveying an intended message. Our experienced video production team works with organizations all over the country to deliver a message, engage audiences and promote a business’s story. We specialize in creating the following types of videos:

  • Customer / Attendee Testimonial videos
  • Award video packages
  • Training videos
  • Highlight / Event recap videos
  • Keynote and Breakout Session Archives

We always start with the end in mind and work collaboratively to create a video story that conveys your company’s intended message. There are a few important steps that we always walk our clients through when we begin the storyboard process they include:

  • What is the message we want the video to deliver?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • How will the video be viewed (online, in person at an event, fundraiser or gala)?
  • What is the call to action?

As we accomplish these tasks together then we create a timeline with dates for deliverables and edits to help organize the process and keep everyone on the same page with the same goals. We look forward to working together to create your video story and delivering your message, let’s talk!


DCE Studios is a division of DCE Productions, a full-service audiovisual production company that produces events globally.


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